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Grow your business

When your business is registered with WhenWise for your online booking needs, new customers can discover it and returning customers can book your services more often, all with a flick of the fingers. We've seen businesses grow with increasing sales and lower marketing costs after partnering with WhenWise.

Review rewards

Reviews is an important factor for customers when choosing a service. WhenWise believes honest businesses who provide quality services deserve better. WhenWise assist customers to find reputable businesses wisely by feedback references from previous customers.

Simple billing

WhenWise has 3 simple subscription plans, starting with a FREE one. After receiving more than 10 bookings per week, you can upgrade to a paid plan, starting from $5/month per resource. You may upgrade or downgrade plans at any time. You only pay when WhenWise helps to grow your business.

Common Questions

Will we be charged when our trial is up?

No. We don't ask for your credit card up front. If you want to continue for paid plans after your trial, we'll ask for payment details. You will be only charged for the last month's subscription fee.

Can we cancel at any time?

There's no minimum contract for WhenWise — cancel at any time without penalty or hassle.

Is there charges per booking for business or clients?

Not at all. Business only needs to pay monthly fee if on a paid plan (free plan is available for up to 10 bookings per week). Clients make payments directly to you with the service price you set. Business can choose accept a client booking and receive payment after the service, or upfront online payment (a Stripe merchant account is required).

How will I do invoicing for bookings we get from WhenWise?

Do as you normally do. WhenWise simply help getting you customers, you get the full amount from clients directly.

We already have an internal booking system and want online booking, how can we use WhenWise?

Ask your vendor about WhenWise support. As a new mordern online booking app, most likely not yet. Don't worry, that is a workaround. Try reserve some time slots for online booking and block them out on WhenWise if necessary.

I charges by hour and job time varies, how will I use WhenWise?

You don't have to list all services on WhenWise, just relatively static ones such as 'general dental check' and 'teeth cleanning' for dentists, and set payment option to 'pay after service (as probably you normally do anyway). The main point is to get customers to contact you (which WhenWise does), then you talk to customers (as you normally do) and adjust appointment time accordingly.

How WhenWise differs from services such as HiPages or Airtasker?

HiPages and Airtasker are old-style matching jobs to tradesmen, they charge high fees per booking. Research shows it is more effective to get better job leads via personal referral and social media such as Facebook, the WhenWise way. WhenWise is much cheaper too, free or $5 per resource monthly. While you use WhenWise manage bookings, you may still use other services such as HiPages, just simply add appointments on WhenWise Calendar.

What if I have more questions?

We will be happy to answer them.